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Q: What does "bonfire" in these cases mean?
A: @mopiq

Exactly. Elimination.

They promised to get rid of them. 👍
Q: What does bonfire?
We put a Guy on the bonfire for Guy Fawkes night. mean?
A: A 'Guy' here means a, usually life sized, doll or other fake person, burnt on a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Day.

A bonfire is a fire burned, usually for special reasons, such as celebrating Guy Fawkes day.
Q: What does It looks cold there. It must have been a bonfire back in Japan! mean?
A: back inのinはin Japan日本で、です。


この発言をした人が日本にいたことがあるか、jokifreekさんがどっか海外に行って日本に戻ってきたか、それでback in Japan 日本に戻って、というのが厳密な使い方です。しかし、特に日本から離れていなくても、backやupを使います。

Are you enjoying New year's up in the US?

up やbackを使うと。

Are you enjoying New year's back in the US?

僕も話すときは、無意識にup in Japanや up thereなど言っていることが多いです。

言葉は違いますが、殴る、ぶん殴る くらいの言葉に勢いの違いが出ます。
Q: What does a bonfire mean?
A: Camp fire

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Q: What is the difference between light the bonfire and kindle the bonfire ?
A: i’d say that the meanings are practically the same
Q: What is the difference between bonfire and campfire ?
A: A bonfire is lit for an outdoor party or to dispose of yard waste such as old dead tree branches. It can be very big, made from square stacks of wood. A campfire is lit to keep warm while camping. It is usually very small.
Q: What is the difference between bonfire and campfire and balefire ?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 私はいつもhostfamilyと家の外でa bonfire をします。
A: I always make bonfires in the yard with my host family.

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Q: この画像にあるスタンド付きの炎は英語でなんていいますか?
A: たぶん「torch」、それとも「standing torch」です!
Q: They sat at the bonfire does this sound natural?
A: They sat by the bonfire
Q: I went at the bonfire with my friends last night.
does this sound natural?
A: So "I went to a bonfire last night", right? If no one knows what bonfire I am Talking about?
Q: What is bonfire night and how you celebrate it in the UK?
A: Bonfire Night is a celebration to remember a plot to kill the King of England, King James I, in 1605, by a man called Guy Fawkes. The plan failed, but we still remember it by launching fireworks (Fawkes planned to use gunpowder to kill the King, and fireworks have gunpowder in them), and some create a doll of Fawkes and burn it on a fire!

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