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Q: What does It was borderline impossible mean?
A: "It was very nearly impossible"
Q: What does borderline mean?
A: Borderline - on or near a border or boundary (e.g. not quite meeting accepted, expected, or average standards)
Q: What does borderline erotic mean?
A: Almost erotic
Q: What does borderline creepy mean?
A: They mean it is kind of creepy, his actions are begining to make her uncomfortable. He hasn't reached the full level of creepy where she would cut him off.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with borderline.
A: I can’t believe what he did in class. He must be borderline crazy!

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Q: Sometimes I used to go over the borderline and that was too much. Does this sound natural?
A: Sometimes I used to go over the line. That was too much.
Q: What do you think a borderline of cheating is? Does this sound natural?
A: How do you define what's cheating and what isn't?
Q: he is borderline bald Does this sound natural?
A: I would perhaps say:
"He is almost bald"
Q: The borderline between reality and dream is imprecisely marked by an ambugious memories you've hold. Does this sound natural?

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