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    2. A bottleneck is when a lot of things have to be forced through something small. It's like an actual bottle, where it's mostly big, but the neck is narrow. Ex: A traffic lane is closed ahead, so the all the cars formed a bottleneck. There's a lot of work to be done, but it's stuck in a bottleneck because only one person is available.

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    2. A point of limitation or congestion. If you picture a bottle, the opening is narrower than the body of the bottle. If the opening was the same size as the body (like is common with cups and mugs), the liquid inside could be poured out extremely quickly, but since the opening narrows, it limits how quickly the liquid can be poured. So, a bottleneck is a point/spot/location that acts like the neck and opening of a bottle and limits movement/speed. A common usage is to describe a major interchange (where freeways/highways merge) as a bottleneck since they are the limiting factor for traffic speed. There is too much traffic for it to move through that point (bottleneck) at an unrestricted volume/pace.

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    2. In this case, "address" means to look at and do something about something, or correct it. A "bottleneck" is something that is holding up something else, e.g. a point of a road where the number of lanes reduces thus causing traffic holdups, or some process which is overloaded and holding things up, eg only one person can sign approvals for something and that person can't cope with the demand.. "Service delivery" is obviously delivering some sort of service to someone. So the whole thing means "There is something that is causing a problem with service delivery, and we need to correct this".

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    2. yes like I said it's very rare for Americans to speak in drawn out words so if your looking for like real conversation it's short and to the point

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    2. The bottleneck of solar power is the batteries we use at night.

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