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Q: What does bounded mean?
A: Bounded = tied

“Before I cooked the chicken, I bounded the legs with twine.”
Q: What does bounded off mean?
A: It means he ran off or left in a jumping manner
Q: What does bounded mean?
A: To walk or run with leaping strides.

Example sentences using "Bounded"

Q: Please show me example sentences with bounded.
A: 2 of the most common.
-To take big energetic steps “the child bounded up the step to the candy store”
-“the young man bounded up the hill when he found out that his girlfriend was there”

2. Past tense of “to bind”
- “In China they bounded females feet to keep them small”
-“The farmer bounded the roots of the tree to stop it from growing large”
Q: Please show me example sentences with bounded by.
A: that's fine, but change "a part of a circle" to an arc with a radius of 10km....

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