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Q: What does 'I overstreched the <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>' mean?
A: it depends how the word “overstretched” is used, but overall it means that someone went past a limit. it can be overstretched if someone hurts another person’s feelings or a respectable line
Q: What does caught out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> mean?
A: I think of "<span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>" as short for "boundaries". It seems like there is some region where schoolgirls are supposed to stay and someone has been found outside the region (i.e., outside the boundaries of the region where they should be)
Q: What does <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> mean?
A: It can be used many ways:
1. intending to do something~ ex: "I'm bound to get a job somewhere."
2. Walking or running with leaping strides~ ex: "He comes bounding down the stairs."
3. A limit or boundary of something~ ex: "The soccer ball was out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>."
4. Derivative of 'to bind' meaning to wrap or attatch securely~ ex: "The logs were bound together with ropes."
5. Restricted or confined~ ex: "He's home-bound until he gets better."
Q: What does "within the <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> of good taste" in 379 mean?
A: Here "within the <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> of good taste" = reasonable. He says that even though Django is a Black man they need to treat him with respect- but not as much respect as they would show a White man.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with know no <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>.
A: Her enthusiasm knows no <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>. Her love of cooking knows no <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>. His cruelty knows no <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>.
Q: Please show me example sentences with out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>.
A: This place/area/room is out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>
You can’t go there it’s out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>
Jack was playing golf, he hit his ball out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> (outside the area of the golf course)
Q: Please show me example sentences with knows no <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>.
A: "The boy knows no <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>" 'O garoto não conhece limites' <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> pode-se entender como limites, seja físico ou até mesmo limites de comportamento.
"do not cross the bound, is too dangerous" 'não passe do limite, é muito perigoso'. espero ter ajudado :)
Q: Please show me example sentences with out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>.
A: "Since the ball went out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>, the other team got a point."

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Q: What is the difference between "<span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>" and "boundaries" ?
A: Bounds are the entire area that belongs to something, while a boundary is the outside edge that defines it.

When a football is kicked over the boundary (= outer edge) of the field, it goes out of <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> (= outside the area that makes up the football field).
Q: What is the difference between <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> and limits ?
A: Bounds - out of bounds. as in boundary an area with a boarder.
Limits - you have reached you're limit, as in you psychical or mentally can't do more.
Q: What is the difference between <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> and limits ?
A: The boundary between fact and fiction in her writing is often blurred.
The limit of your lives is out.

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Q: What does "<span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> to happen" mean?
A: "bound to happen" means that it was about to happen
Q: What does "<span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span>" mean in the following sentence?

"He was raised to fear God: certain that th...
A: I think you can substitute "boundaries" for it.
Q: What I want to learn is unable to study in the <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> of existing academic disciplines. does this sound natural?
A: "I can't study what I want to learn in the existing academic structure."
Q: There are no <span class="dictionary_keyword">bounds</span> in desire. does this sound natural?
A: Can you provide more context?
"There are no limits to desire", maybe?

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