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Q: What does braggy pants mean?
A: I haven't heard this and couldn't find it in a dictionary, but I assume it is an insult for someone who brags a lot (talks too much about how great they are). very informal / childish. There's also smarty pants, fancypants, bossypants, etc.

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Q: well I heard "braggy pants" in a TV series, but I couldn't find any information about this expression, Can I use or not? here is the scene.

OMG that sounds like something my father would say. If you want to make fun of someone without being very rude, you can take some quality that they have and put it in front of the word "Pants"

Greedy pants
Whiny pants
Happy pants

It's like a real silly type of childish joke. I don't know if it's very common anymore because I don't hang out with anybody who talks like this 😁

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