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Q: What does brainchild mean?
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Q: What does brainchild mean?
A: It's a person's idea or invention that they are really proud of - like the child of their brain. Example - "The iphone was the brainchild of Apple CEO Steve Jobs"
Q: What does brainchild mean?
A: Brainchild is an expression, usually means something invented by someone.
"Microsoft is the brainchild of Bill Gates."

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Q: Please show me example sentences with brainchild .
A: "Brainchild" is a clever way of saying "an idea I had" or "a creation I made." It's like saying "my brain gave birth to a wonderful idea! That idea is my brainchild."

The term "brainchild" is mostly used to describe creations, inventions, stories, characters, and designs. Those are things you can actually see, and share with other people, and it's like that creation "grows" bigger and bigger the more popular it becomes. Those creations are precious to the person who made them, so the person thinks of those creations like their children. Their brainchildren.

"This character is very important to me. They're my brainchild. I made them in high school and I've continued drawing them ever since."

"This movie is incredibly famous now, but the original story was actually the brainchild of an unknown author."

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