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Q: What does branded mean?
A: brand name items are called branded. its the generalization of popular marketed items. in this case it about toys like Fisher-Price is a "branded" toy
Toyota is a "branded" car
Q: What does It's branded. mean?
A: Not exactly. It means it is a product that is made by a company that has a recognisable name (a brand.) For example Nike, Samsung, Honda, Ikea. The product often has a logo on it. An unbranded product is just one not made by a big company. They MIGHT not be as good quality, but sometimes they are just as good or better, and can even be made in the same factories as branded products.
Q: What does branded mean?
A: given a title. I hope this makes sense.

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Q: it's not branded
A: It can have a few meanings but the most common one is it means something isn’t marked with a logo. For example, a bag of crisps made by a company would have the company branding (logo) on it. If it doesn’t have the company branding (logo) on it, it’s not branded.

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