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Q: What does breakout mean?
A: cassure de sorti arret de sorti
Q: What does breakout film role mean?
A: this is exactly right. 😊
Q: What does breakout companies mean?
A: It means a new company that is original nothing like it.
Q: What does breakout (in war) mean?
A: We often speak of war "breaking out" (two words) which is just another way to say "started"...

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce Her first breakout hit came in 2006..
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: I had some breakouts on my cheek last week but they are almost gone now. does this sound natural?
A: Or you could say 'I had a breakout on my cheeks...'
Q: I want to describe using 'breakouts' when my acne pop up on my skin. How can I use it properly?
A: Maybe you can say this, "I'm having breakouts now."
Q: What is "breakout" mode?
and what does rebusting weapons mean?
He’s in ‘breakout’ mode and going for a robust nuclear weapons capability.

sorry for misspelling earlier...
A: It is hard to tell without more context, but it sounds like “breakout” mode is like trying to achieve something that is hard to achieve, but once you achieve it, you can’t go back.
Since only certain countries have nuclear arsenal, and because of international agreements, it becomes difficult for new countries to “break out” of not having nuclear arsenal. I think that is what breakout means in this context

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