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Q: What does bridle mean?
A: bridle

When you're riding a horse and scream "Whoa!" to make it stop, you're pulling on the reins, which are attached to a thing called the bridle, the buckled straps around a horse's head that help you control its movements.

bridal / bridle

Bridal is related to a bride, but bridle refers to a part of a horse’s harness and what you do with it. Although the words sound the same, they run in different circles unless you’re getting a horse ready for her wedding.

The word bridle comes from the Old English bridel meaning "rein, curb, restraint," which is precisely what the purpose of a bridle is — to help restrain a horse's movements when necessary. You can bridle a horse, which is the act of putting a bridle on it. If you yank too hard on the reins, your horse might bridle, or take offense to your aggressiveness, just like you might bridle if someone insulted you.

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Q: What is the difference between bridle and rein ?
A: The bridle goes over the horses head and holds the bit that goes in the horses mouth. The reins connect to the bit and control the horses movement.

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Q: I strongly advise you to bridle your temper, or you'll pay for it. does this sound natural?
A: The sentence is correct.

But it's more common to say "control your temper" or "rein in your temper".

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