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Q: What does your briefing isn't quite through yet mean?
A: It means your briefing is not finished or is not over yet. Does that answer your question?
Q: What does briefing mean?
A: It means giving a overview/summary of something, like you give your work colleagues a briefing before they start their work, like a pep talk or giving them information in advance
Q: What does mandatory briefing mean?
A: Mandatory means you HAVE TO go.
Briefing means a type of instructional or informative meeting
So an example of a mandatory briefing is like a meeting at your job, you have to go.
Q: What does "turned them over," and "briefing and counter briefs. " mean?
A: "turned them over" means "to give them to us". It is usually used when formally giving something or someone as a result of a legal or military process. "briefing and counter briefs" - a "brief" is a synopsis/summery of a case to be heard in court and so this refers to the two parties laying out their opposing cases.
Q: What does "turned them over" and "briefing and counter briefs." mean?
A: "Turned them over" refers to them giving the documents over.

"Briefing" is probably used to say that they were being informed.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with briefing.
A: The briefing for the mission was over quickly.

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Q: What is the difference between briefing and presentation ?
A: (1) "Briefing"
To [brief] someone is to casually explain or go over information in about 1 to 8 minutes. This information is quick and usually said all at once to maybe 1 to 4 people in a group.
• "I had to hurry to my next class so I quickly briefed my group members about the information we all collected on the research."

(2) "Presentation"
To [present] is to talk in front of a group of people for 5-30 minutes (sometimes longer) and give diagrams, charts, etc about information collected on a topic thats been assigned.
• "I had a presentation that I had to do in front of the whole class and it was suppose to be about the worlds views on apples."

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Q: What does "bring me.... into a briefing" mean in the text?
Thanks in advance.
A: It's the same meaning as that. I called it a meeting because people have to meet in order to receive the briefing.
Q: I attended on a briefing session of my daughter's career after graduation from junior high school.
She wants to go on to high school and she will take the entrance exam next March.
I hope she will pass the exam. does this sound natural?
A: × I attended on a briefing session of my daughter's career after graduation from junior high school.
✓ I attended on a briefing session about my daughter's career after her graduation from junior high school.

Q: what is "briefing"?

like, the university president is having a briefing this week.

A: It means information and updates are explained. For example, a military general could discuss operations with his staff. In that case you could say the general is being briefed on the operations.

The CEO will have a briefing tomorrow morning concerning recent sales.

Prime Minister Abe was briefed about the possible use of AEGIS by the Japanese Defense Forces.
Q: During the briefing, meteorologists, controllers and AIS professionals get together to dicuss the relevance of the shift that is about to start. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to finish that. After that, we finally go to our workstations to take over the position still occupied by the workers of the previous shift. does this sound natural?
A: All I would change is ' to discuss the relevance of the shift' 'after 5 to 10 minutes we go to our workstations to take over the position still occupied by the workers from the previous shift'

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