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    2. ​‎I am in Qingdao now and it has been ten years since the last time I WAS there. The past years HAVE seen great changes come to this coastal city in eastern China. Just like Qingdao, there are numerous second-tier cities which have developED rapidly during the past decade. Lots of my classmates want to go back to their hometown after graduation. There are several reasons that explain their choices. For example, the cost OF housing rental is extremely high in some big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. It is NOT feasible for them to buy or rent satisfactory apartments on their own. In addition, although there are MANY opportunities for young people in big cities, there are still many competitors. (Just think about how many top universities are in Beijing and Shanghai, haha). One more thing to menTion, although the development of some second-tier cities LAGS behind Beijing, some of these cities have already caught up, or even SURPASSED Beijing, since there were a number of examples for them to use as a reference. Everytime I ask myself wether I would like to go on living in Beijing, I give myself several reasons to stay. Most of my friends and family members are here and the education and healthcare systems are so advanced. I still remeMber last month I went to a small town in Shanxi province for my internship, and I saw there were many big mansions and tall buidings, but students there still couldn't FIND a qualified dormitory with air-conditioners. Perhaps a decade later some public services in small cities would be as good as their tall buildings, and at that time their house rental will also rise. Maybe the best time to move to a small city and settle down is when there is not AS MUCH DEVELOPMENT, but where to move is another tricky question.

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