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Q: What does bunches mean?
A: a group or bundle

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Q: " I've got bunches of stress in my work/ on my work. " Is that natural ?Which preposition here is correct?in or on?
A: I'm stressed from work.
Q: What do you call bunches of bananas? A hand?
does this sound natural?
Q: I bought 2 bunches of grapes and ate just 5 grains. does this sound natural?
A: I bought 2 bunches of grapes and ate just 5 grapes.
Q: There are bunches of small wires cables glued together in a row. When we need use a cable, we need to “ tear/ peel/ rip” one “off/ out” of them.

Which one is more appropriate to use? What is the difference between tear off, peel off, rip off?
A: Wire and cable are more or less the same thing.
There are bunches of cables glued together. When we need a cable, peel/tear one from a bunch.
Rip is to tear violently.

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