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    2. These two are very similar. You tend to use a cork for things like wine or preserves. Mainly food or drink items. A cork is made from the material “cork” which is the same material used on cork boards. It’s solid and holds its shape. You usually need to use a tool called a “cork screw” to ‘pop’ the cork because the cork is wedged into a bottle to prevent leaks or air getting in the bottle. You say ‘pop’ the cork because it makes a loud bang when you remove it. You can bung many things. It usually means to stop the flow of a liquid and the material used to bung something is often not solid. Often you use things like tissue to bung. If you had a small leak in your roof you may use tissue to bung the hole to absorb some of the water. Example sentences: Cork: • Can you pass me the cork? • I used the cork for the wine • Where is the wine cork? • Can you pop the cork? Bung: • The pipe began to leak so I use tissue to temporarily bung the hole • The roof wouldn’t stop leaking and I had to use paper to bung the hole

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