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Q: What does bungle mean?
A: To bungle is to do something poorly or in an unacceptable manner.
"I wanted to ask her on a date, but I was so nervous that I bungled it."
"All he had to do was mail the letter, but he bungled it. He can't do anything right."

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Q: Please show me example sentences with bungling, bungle.
A: Bungling and bungle have to do with clumsiness, sometimes to the point of ruining a goal.


verb (used with object)
to do clumsily and awkwardly; botch:
He bungled the job.

verb (used without object)
to perform or work clumsily or inadequately:
He is a fool who bungles consistently.

a bungling performance.
that which has been done clumsily or inadequately.

Sometimes clowns at a circus will deliberately bungle to be funny, pretending to trip or drop something.

I don’t know if anyone says “bungle in the jungle” anymore, but it’s origin was a song in the ‘70s by that title. In 2003, according to one source, there was a cricket match in a stadium located in a jungle of Sri Lanka in which England’s team lost disastrously. The team bungled with one failed attempt after another. This too was called a bungle in the jungle.
Q: Please show me example sentences with bungle.
A: He never hesitated, nor did he hurry and make a bungle of it. 

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Q: What is the difference between bungle and mangle ?
A: They are fairly interchangeable; however--
bungle is better defined as a screw up (clumsy/inadequate)
(to) mangle (something) is to do serious damage/to injure severely

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