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Q: What does i came across with the "go down that alley", is it another way of "go down that road"? mean?
A: I see what you’re saying, and yes they can be used interchangeably. Although, alleys tend to have a shady/dark subtext to them and I imagine scenarios where you want to imply that would be better to use « go down that alley » . « go down that path » is also an acceptable substitute
Q: What does i came so hard mean?
A: 性高潮
Q: What does i came fast time here mean?
I think you want to say,
I've come here for the first time
"Main jha'n pehli dafa aya hon"
Q: What does i came alone but i leave with a family mean?
A: did you hear despacito song what does that means

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Q: What is the difference between i came looking for you and i came to look for you ?
A: I think they are the same.
Q: What is the difference between ‎I came back just now. and I've come back. ?
A: I came back just now indicates the time you came back. I’ve come back means you’re back but doesn’t specify the time.
Q: What is the difference between i came home very late last night and i was coming home very late last night ?
A: The first sentence gives a piece of information which seems to be complete as it is.
The second seems to be leading to something else which you want to state:
I was coming home... but while I was in the taxi, I changed my mind.
By the way, I was coming .... is a little unnatural. 'I was on my way home late last night' is more natural.
Q: What is the difference between i came to realize and i realized ?
A: They mean the same thing :)
Q: What is the difference between i came to like her over time. and i got to likr her over time... ?
A: Two different ways of saying the same thing.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 나 여행도 가고싶고,, 친구들이랑 만나고 싶고 카페도 가고싶고 코로나 끝나면 하고싶은것도 너무 많은데,, 경제 완전 came to halt 라서 우리나라도 난리야... 미국같은 큰 나라만 회복되도 상황 훨씬 좋아질거같아...
A: I want to travel, meet my friends, and go to cafes. When COVID (the coronavirus) ends there is so many things I want to do, but the economy has come to a halt and our country has gone crazy. I think the situation will get better if a big country like America is able to recover.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? i came over running

what does it mean?
A: @Snowdrop_ I think come over ka use.. ek jagah se Dusri jagah Jana(kisike ghar) .. is sense me hota hai..
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? i will start studying after i came back from japan. or I will start studying after I come back from Japan. Which one is correct?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? i came here by taxi today, because where i live not really far from hể. it took me about half an hour to get here on time and luckily i didn’t suffer in the traffic jam
A: Sounds great! It was a bit to understand when you were trying to say "because." Your paragraph also got cut off at the end, so in order for me to send you a recording back I will make it in two parts. That way you can hear the whole thing :)

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Q: Which is one correct "I came him across" or "i came across him" implying that i met him accidentally ?
A: The second. "I came across him" is correct.
Q: i came out from home and walked to the shop Does this sound natural?
A: краще так сказати : I left the house and went to the shop
Q: ‎I came home late and went to work early for a whole last week so I had no time to cooking good meals. My everyday breakfast was scrambled eggs made in a hurry. Probably, you already guessed that I literally had got fed up with them. I'm afraid that if it goes on, I'll begin crowing instead of talking. I'm seriously thinking about having a wife. Does this sound natural?
A: Yeah, that's what I was implying for working for a whole week last week, haha. You had a whole week of work last week. Okay, here, if you do not want to use that, how about "I came home late because I had to go to work early every day for the whole week so I had no time to cook good meals every morning/in the morning." Since you can't really prepare because you're going to work early.
Q: i came from south korea.
i came from a broken home. so i had a difficult childhood.
where is this strange sound coming from? Does this sound natural?
A: It's a little awkward to say "I came from" in two sentences in a row. I would say, "I'm from South Korea. I came from a broken home, so I had a difficult childhood. Where is that strange sound coming from?"

I said "that" instead of "this" because if you say "this" it makes it seem like the sound is very close to you. If the sound is very close to you, then you would probably know where it was coming from.
Q: i came home now Does this sound natural?
A: Maybe try "I just got home"or "I am home now"

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