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    2. Capacitation is not a commonly used word. It sounds like it is related to the word capacity. So, in this context, I think it means that successful grantees will undergo a process that will give them the capacity (or will make them able) to do something.

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    2. (Anything in parenthesis are my thoughts, and revision suggestions) This poster reflects the progress of an analytical study on the perspective of Virtual Education in High School students in the city of Pasto. The purpose of the work is to know the opinions of the student community about virtual education, the pertinence of technology, and the various uses of virtual education in order to make a contrast between positive and negative aspects of this education model. Through this study, it is intended to formulate possible alternatives for mitigating the negative aspects (of what?) in order to strengthen (strengthen what?). The information was collected through the application of interviews. Recognizing that education is a necessary foundation of society, the study intends to analyze the impact of new forms of capacitation. (What do you mean by capacitation? Try using a different word here.) The study focuses on the contrast between traditional education methods versus the use of technologies as a training mechanism through virtual methods. Year after year, education entities provide statistics on how new forms of education increase in numbers. Based on this information, it would be feasible that the amount of virtual programs across the country would increase. Schools will be built; they are national policies, forms of education and training alternatives. (This last sentence doesn't make sense to me. Try rephrasing it without the semi-colon) The project will be developed through High School Sophomores (Grade 10), Juniors (Grade 11), as well as through Educational Institutions of the City of Pasto. Through the realization of an audiovisual interview, the study intends reveal the perspective they have (instead of saying "they have", just say specifically what the perspective is) and how much viability would be accredited to virtual education. The study will establish, then, how much they (who?) know about this type of training, what the advantages and disadvantages are, the relevance of technology and education models (in what?), how it compares to traditional education means, and if they (who?) have thought at some point (or already determined) to be part of the world of virtual education. Perhaps virtual learning could be a complement to traditional learning. If the idea is to strengthen the use of technologies to learn, then we must think that at some point, the nation would want to reach that exclusive model of integrated technology in the classroom. The technologies shorten distances (what distances?) and allow a direct approach (direct approach to what?) with popular new processes. Through this proposal, we want to recognize the importance that traditional education historically has had, but also how teaching and learning strategies can be bolstered through the use of technology. Some tips: -When writing an essay or proposal or whatever, always stay in one tense for words. Use either all past, or all present/future. If you're speaking in the present tense, use present tense for all of your words. -Be specific! You'd cant just assume to reader knows everything. See my notes in parenthesis on areas where you can improve on this. -When writing the conclusion, restate your thesis. Sum up your argument. Just restate what you were saying in the whole essay, but in one paragraph. Try not to introduce new information. Is this for an English Class? If you have more questions, text me at 720-453-6493 -PB

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    2. 8. What responsibilities does the government have with regard to the public`s health? * Medicine * At work * Leisure facilities. (Don't know the context of these asterisked ones) Generally speaking, I would say that the government plays a crucial role in the public's health. First and foremost, not only does the government has to provide all types of medical care, but they also have to guarantee that the medical staff are well qualified and do their jobs well. If they were to (Kind of clumsy, can also use "If they didn't have,") not have proper control of the services that are offered, they will encounter some serious problems such as the invalidity of some medications, personnel without degrees or forged degrees, and a misunderstanding of (the?) resources (they have?), just to mention a few. Another point worth mentioning is leisure facilities. It 's important for us to relax and get away from the stress of our daily routines, (Bit of a running sentence, can stop it here if you want) as stress can be dangerous and can facilitate many diseases. If the government made leisure facilities more of a priority, improving the infrastructure of places such as parks and cycling (or hiking) trails, just to mention a few. Health risks such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and many others w ould be drastically reduced because citizens would work out more and be living a healthier lifestyle. It is crystal clear that the more opportunities of entertainment people have, the lower the likelihood is of suffering from stress. Last but certainly not least, the government should enforce laws that take into consideration the welfare and health of workers as well as make companies meet industry safety standards in order to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. On many occasions, workers cannot count on properly working equipment nor competentcy to perform their duties, and this can cause accidents. By the same token, office workers do not take active breaks to prevent occupational diseases. I do believe that the more controlled companies are regarding worker's safety, the fewer accidents that will happen. In conclusion, I firmly believe that the public's health is a liability of the government.

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