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Q: What does carnage mean?
A: dead bodies and other destruction left by violence or war.
Q: What does carnage mean?
A: Carnage (from google, which I agree with)
the killing of a large number of people.
"the bombing was timed to cause as much carnage as possible"
synonyms: slaughter, massacre, mass murder, mass destruction, butchery, bloodbath, indiscriminate bloodshed, bloodletting, annihilation, destruction, decimation, havoc; More
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1. carnicería
2. matanza

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Q: The carnage took place in the palace where now is only a relic left. does this sound natural?
A: I personally would say,

"The carnage took place in the palace, where now only ruins are left."

When someone says "relic" to me I think of a single item/artifact of the kind that would be stored in a museum or something like that. Pottery shards or tablets with ancient writing on them, for example, would fall under the category of "relic" in my mind.

"Ruins", on the other hand, is the word we use to refer to the remnants of buildings that have since collapsed or fallen into disuse/disrepair.

Does this help?
Q: " that caused carnage on Facebook."

What does 'carnage' mean here?
A: Well, put in the way it is used in the sentence, it means that it caused a large amount of drama and, like some have already said, chaos. Normally I don't see the term used like that, but i've seen it enough to get it somewhat

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