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Q: What does “spell casters in the back” in 119 mean?
A: witches/wizards basically
Q: What does a caster of nets mean?
A: When you "cast a net" you are fishing with a net. To cast a net means to throw the net out into the water.
It is also an idiom used when you want to say you are trying to catch/collect/gather something.

Let's cast a wide net and send the email to everyone we know.

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Q: What is the difference between caster sugar and granulated sugar ?
A: The difference is likely not known to anyone that doesn't bake. Granulated sugar, also known as table sugar, is a white sugar in the form of small crystals. Caster sugar is a finer form of granulated sugar with smaller crystals. Finally, powdered sugar, also called confectioners sugar, is white sugar in the form of a fine powder.

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Q: I wonder when are the casters of CNN sleeping? because they're always on there whenever I watch. does this sound natural?
A: I wonder, when do CNN newscasters sleep? because they're always on tv whenever I watch.
Q: caster attack vs ranged attack

what's the difference?
A: If you're referring to a game, normally the casters are ranged attack because they're mages. Ranged attack are usually Marksman, they use their range in advantage to defeat enemies.

Maybe you meant Melee attack? if so, Melee attacks are close range attacks, usually physical attacks.

Hope it helps!
Q: The caster was known people the approximation of Hurricane. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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