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    2. A "product line" is a range of products or a group of related products marketed by the same company.

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    2. Going by your categorizations, I would say: 1. demanded and obtained coerce, extort, extract, exact, force 2. demanded but not necessarily obtained compel, enforce Of course, the context of the word really matters. Each word has a slightly difference nuance and they are generally used in different contexts. compel - used when there is an external force that influences someone to do something, but it doesn't have to be against their will "He was compelled to agree with her." coerce, extort - similar meanings. to force someone to do something. Negative connotations. "The conman extorted money from the old lady", "She was coerced to give all of her money to the man" extract - usually used when talking about objects. Quite common. "Gold was extracted from the ore", "The dentist extracted my tooth" demand - quite common. asking something from someone, but you haven't necessary obtained it yet. "She demanded to know the truth" enforce - usually used when talking about rules/laws that are already in place, and it is usually an authority figure that is doing the enforcing. It is quite formal. "The purpose of the police to to enforce the law." exact - has a negative connotation. Typically used when talking about history (and especially payments), and is slightly formal. Not very common. "The payment was exacted from the villagers." force - the most common word. Is more informal than the others. "Sally's mother forced her to eat vegetables." ...I tried my best, but it is difficult to explain the differences between these words :( Hopefully it helps

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