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Q: What does you’re being catfished mean?
A: catfishing is when you pretend you’re someone else by using pictures of someone else!
Q: What does catfished mean?
A: that's it

Catfish é um bagre, um peixe horroroso. Imagina vc pescando, esperando aquele peixão sarado da foto do Facebook, e quando ele surge, não é nada do que dizia a propaganda. Alguém que usa fotos falsas para conhecer pessoas online.
Q: What does He catfished me mean?
A: catfishing is when you meet someone online and it turns out that they are not who they said they were. For example, they used someone else's photos for their profile picture.

So "He catfished me" means that he tricked me into thinking that he was someone he is not.

This is a slang so don't use it in a formal setting.
Q: What does catfished mean?
A: it's a term used for something that happens online.

It's when somone sends you a picture of aomeone over the internet, but pretends that the person in the picture is them

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