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    2. Caustic is used in 2 different ways: 1) As a science term: Caustic is used in chemistry to mean that a substance is an acid or alkaline and can cause damage to your skin because it's corrosive. 2) As a literary/descriptive term: Caustic can be used to describe someone's personality. "That person is caustic," means "That person is sarcastic/mean/harsh." If someone says something "caustically," it means that they are saying something in a sarcastic/hurtful way. Hope this helps. :-)

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    2. After waiting over an hour for my food, I became caustic with the waitress.  Her caustic remarks made me sad. Because my uncle was a mean man, he took pleasure in making caustic statements to people.  Elizabeth’s caustic personality makes her less suited to be a flight attendant.  When Harold is in a bad mood, he can be very caustic with his wife. Why do you have to act so caustic towards everyone? Are you always so caustic? Am I caustic?

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    2. "She has a very caustic personality and it is difficult to work with her." "His caustic remarks turn everyone into an enemy," "Don't mix that caustic cleaner with detergent. It could start a chemical reaction."

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