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Q: What does That now seemed to be one certainty sown among many imponderables. mean?
A: A certainty is something you are sure of, that you know to be true. Whereas an imponderable is something that you cannot even think about. With “sown,” they are evoking the image of planting seeds in a garden. So, there is now one thing they know to be true surrounded by many things that they cannot understand.
Q: What does predict, with certainty, a point of no return. mean?
A: Mr. Trump's opponents are expecting an outcome where he can't go back and fix his actions or words
Implying that when Mr. Trump does something there is no going back to how things were before
Q: What does certainty mean?
A: Certitudine.
Q: What does That's as much certainty as anyone can give me. mean?
A: how much they know

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Q: Please show me example sentences with certainty.
A: Hello there 😁

I can say with certainty that the package will arrive tomorrow

Scientists still do not know with any degree of certainty why the disease spread so quickly.

Hope this is helpful 👍🏻

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Q: What is the difference between certainty and accuracy and precision ?
A: - certainty is the probability that something may happen - there’s a fairly good certainty that it will snow this weekend

Accuracy and Precision are very similar- John could calculate the speed with great accuracy/precision
Q: What is the difference between certainty and certitude ?
A: Both only have slight nuances
Well, certitude is the STATE of being absolutely confident whilst certainty is just something that cannot be doubted, I believe

Keep in mind that certainty can also be used to imply complete confidence in oneself.
"I'm unable to answer that question with any certainty."

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Q: A:I would like to discuss the certainty and the capability to find the foreign materials.

B:I would like to discuss the certainty and capability to find the foreign materials.

The difference between A and B is that A puts 'the' before 'capability'.

Do both sound natural and correct?
Which one sounds natural and correct?
A: BはAより自然ですが、AもOKです。
Q: hello 👋

There is no certainty that It is a dangerous area

is it correct??
A: You could say...

It's not certain the area is dangerous.
The area may well be safe.

Yours isn't incorrect though.
Q: What does "certainty" of “to give some certainty” mean?

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand —Police have shared a list of victims with relatives and loved ones and are rushing to release bodies to families on Sunday, as they raised the death toll to 50 from a massacre at two mosques.

“We were able to take all of the victims from both of those scenes, and in doing so, we have located a further victim,” Mike Bush, New Zealand’s police commissioner, said at a news conference. He said police have compiled and shared a list of victims’ names with family members “to give some certainty” to them and those in the religious community.
A: It seems to me like it means that the police wanted people to not have to keep wondering if people they knew were safe or not. They can then be “certain” that someone is safe, or “certain” that they are dead.
Putting out the list of names could also put to rest any worries they might have had that someone’s body was so badly disfigured that they were beyond recognition, or even that they had gone missing.
Q: can we have certainty that our life is not a dream Does this sound natural?
A: Can we be certain that our life is not a dream?
Is there a guarantee that life is not a mere dream?
Q: and that's where you think whether you're right or wrong, beyond your certainty Does this sound natural?
A: "And that's where you got it wrong, whether you think you're right or wrong, it is beyond your certainty." Is that what you mean or am I wrong? :)

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