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    2. He still has a childish character and does not deserve to get married. How could he think himself responsible with no job, and still think to marry the girl? Though you are dating, you still do not deserve marriage unless you start working. Only a stupid women would be played by a lustful man..' and only stupid women enjoy dating with lustful men ..what a pity. # Different_between_men_and_women ① women tend to have feelings, when men begin to seduce them. Her heart may then soar into the sky .. and will be slammed when he plays her. whereas ン ❷ men tend to have logic .. meaning they like to test women with sweet words full of crap, and if he is smart then he tries to fool women .. ✎Your heart will know how he treats you. So protect your heart♡. to be cautious is better than to be hurt.✓ I changed ruthless to cautious because one does not need to be ruthless to protect their hearts.

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