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    2. My New Year’s resolution is to change myself.

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    2. People change depending on the environment. They are largely dependent on the environment, the way of thinking, values, view of life and activity comes up from the environment. No one can choose their place of birth. Maybe poor, or rich. Maybe a family without love or a family full of smiles. We can’t choose our environment of birth, also can’t choose personality which is made by the environment. But, we will change the environment when we grow up. If you hope to change your life, step into a new place with little courage, it is the first step to change your life a lot, i think. ( i hope i kept the meaning behind your words and please if anyone thinks i got it wrong then you should correct me, always happy to learn 🙃)

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    2. 1) Instead of ' people ' I think its better to use ' Humans ' or ' Human beings ' . 2) If you say " even what do you think in your mind " when you use ' do ' next to question particles ( example : when ? , where?, what ? , how ? ) It becomes a question instead of a statement so just remove ' do ' in this sentence. 3) In " the thoughts in mind will definitely reflected in action someday " , here ' reflected ' indicates past tense in the way you have used it so either use " will definitely be reflected in action someday " ( by adding 'be' before 'reflected' as a prefix the sentence becomes future tense ) or use " will definitely reflect in action someday " ( this too gives the same meaning ) 4) In the last sentence " you must be change your mind before change action " it sounds a little unnatural here so in order to make sense and sound natural , you might want to change it as " you must change your mind before it changes the action " ( this sounds like an advise or warning, can be interpreted as both but it sounds more like an advise in the context that you have used here ) or " you must change your mind to change the action(s) " ( this sounds like an advise ) . This makes sense , hope you understand what I tried to tell you : ) good luck to you , fighting !

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