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Q: What does Chili with home made bread mean?
A: Chili is food, a stew prepared mainly with beans, meat and chili peppers, it's usually very spicy... as for homeade bread, well it's just bread baked at home.

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Q: Chili pepper is s a kind of pesticide to avoid bugs eating rice Does this sound natural?
A: Chili peppers can be used as a pesticide to prevent bugs from eating the rice.
Q: Chili peppers taste good, but they're also good for us. Does this sound natural?
A: but is used for contrast. taste good and good for us are both good so u should use and instead of but
Q: I might not be able to go to Chili's this Friday because my daughter might be alone at home, so It's all depends on how it goes Does this sound natural?
A: Almost perfect!

You should say, " it all depends on how it'll go."

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