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    2. Teeth

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    2. It's a slang term for teeth

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    2. teeth :) but it's a more slang/informal word

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    2. Yes, if you translate more literally (I don't know if it comes out naturally in Japanese or not) it would be: The chattering chompersは誰を食べましたか? -> The chattering chompers, who did they eat? -> Who did the chattering chompers eat? One thing that might be confusing you is that even though "who" is an object in this sentence, you still use it in its nominative case. This is something found in modern English only. In the past, and these days only in formal writing, you would use the objective case like this: Whom did the Chattering Chompers eat? (Well, more correctly, I should say that the nominative and the objective case now have the same form.) This sentence is very standard, there is nothing unusual about it. It's very similar in structure to "What did you eat for breakfast this morning?", except since it's assumed you're not a cannibal, the question is "what" rather than "who". :)

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