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    2. 'Chronologically' is more often said as 'in chronological order'. But they can be substituted for each other. They mean 'arranging in order of time' and are usually used when sorting stuff. I organized all my childhood pictures in chronological order / chronologically, putting the oldest ones in the back and the newest in the front. It was hard to search through the newspaper archives (large storage of documents) because they were not in chronological order / sorted chronologically. They jumped from (switched from) 1971 to 2003 to 1980.

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    2. 「集合的無意識」ありがとうございます。

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    2. This is correct. Another way to say it: The events are in chronological order.

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    2. Science and technology* are CONSIDERED more important subjects by many, while otherS think that History is the most crucial one. I believe that_ Science and Technology are important, and History is as significant as THEY ARE. (*There's no need to capitalize science and technology - they're not proper names) In THE modern era, science and technology are everywhere. Advances in smartphones, computers, transportation _, and even the works PUT INTO robotic systems increasingly affect our lives. Accordingly, in educationAL INSTITUTIONS, students should be allowed to learn how these amazing machines work and how THEY facilitate our everyday activities more than EVER. In terms of science, engineering is the MOST IMPORTANT BRANCH SINCE IT incorporatES new technological improvements to communication devices, transportation _, medical systems, THE construction industry and so on. Therefore, IN ORDER to keep pace with technology and even put it forward, skilled labor is needed by many COMPANIES. For instance, universities in Turkey receive a number of students to educate _ IN ORDER to meet THE increasING demand FOR scientific professions. Finally, we are surrounded by technology and we should know how MACHINES work and how to develop them. On the other hand, history is one the scientific fields that illustrateS how our ancestors contributeD to modern sciences and which obstacles inventors tackleD chronologically. To put it another way, history, which is a massive guide for developments THAT occurred in THE past, leadS _ students to move INTO THE future quickly. Otherwise, learning _ scientific subjects might cause new mistakes THAT students would make and THE deceptiveness they would encounter. To illustrate, a famous author SAID that “Learning from the past MAKES IT EASY to perceive today and interprets prospective progress BETTER.” Thus, science and technology are significant subjects that students should learn, and history is also important because it supports students BY illustratING which steps were taken in the past and guide them IN their present studies.

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