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Q: What does chunk someone in the fire mean?
A: "Chuck/throw someone in the fire.

"Chunk" means a piece of something. Example, a chunk of stone.
Q: What does Even when all you've done is stain a chunk of heart blue mean?
A: To be "blue" is to be sad or down on yourself. The writer is probably referring to being broken-hearted, making his heart partially "blue."
Q: What does "a chunk of change" and "prepper" mean?
A: “A chunk of change” means they spent a lot of money. A “prepper” is someone that stocks up on food or specific items in case of an emergency.
Q: What does What does,, chunk" mean? mean?
A: Sorry, I'm really tired and about to go to bed. I would probably just use piece instead of chunk in most situations.

You can say chunk or piece of meat.
You can say chunk or piece of iceberg.
I'd say piece/slice of cake.
You could say piece or chunk of a tree.

Garbage I'm not sure, it depends on what the garbage is, I don't think I'd say chunk.

"1 : a thick piece of something
She cut the fruit into large chunks.
chunks of meat/ice/wood/pineapple"

Edit: Online dictionaries only show me chunk as a noun.
Q: What does chunk mean?
A: Chunk = un grande pezzo di qualcosa

Example sentences using "Chunk"

Q: Please show me example sentences with chunk of.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Please show me example sentences with chunk.
A: "She was very hungry and got a large chunk of meat from the plate to eat."
"They ate a lot so there was a large chunk of cake missing."
"Paying that large bill took a big chunk of my paycheck."
Q: Please show me example sentences with chunk out.
A: I fell over and cut a chunk out of my knee.
Q: Please show me example sentences with chunk.
A: "Cut the meat into chunks before cooking it."
"Let's break this chunk of ice."
"Look! A chunk of marble fell off the statue."

Synonyms of "Chunk" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between chunks and blocks ?
A: Blocks are cubes or retangles. Chunks are randomly shaped pieces of something else. Example. If I smash a small stone with a hammer. It breaks into chunks. If I cut it into a cube, it's a block.
Q: What is the difference between a chunk of bread and a loaf of bread ?
A: A chunk is a big piece and a loaf Is the whole 🥖
Let’s throw out a chunk of bread out for the birds to eat.
I made a whole wheat loaf of bread from scratch.
Q: What is the difference between chunk, clump, lump and mass ?
A: This one is tricky.
Chunk - Usually have hard/jagged edges, such as a chunk of metal.
Clump - Usually is formed from smaller compounds stuck together. e.g. a clump of dirt.
Lump - Similar but due to the similarity of sounding with the word bump, it usually used to describe something that is soft/round. e.g. a lump of ice or there's a lump in your breast, it might be a tumor
mass - overarching word for the first three. a chunk, lump or clump are all a mass of something.
Q: What is the difference between chunk and lump ?
A: There are pretty much the same
Chunk is like ...
“There’s a chunk of wood by the fire”

Lump is like ...
“I have a lump in my throat”
“There’s a lump of dirt on the ground”
Q: What is the difference between a chunk of tooth broke off. and a chunk of tooth fell off. ?
A: I can't denote any real difference. They pretty much mean the same thing.

Translations of "Chunk"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what does mean “big chunk out of it”
A: A big space missing.

Other questions about "Chunk"

Q: ( It's a huge chunk.)
What does chunk mean?
A: A lump, a piece
“A huge piece”
“A huge amount”
Q: "he threw a chunk of wet toilet paper onto the wall" does this sound natural?
A: Wet toilet paper isn’t chunky. I would expect a wad of wet toilet paper.
Q: What do you call the chunk of wool on the top of the hat? I want to say that that went off my hat.
A: there are many ways to say it some say pom pom, or ball of fluff but I usually say pom pom
Q: What does "chunk" mean in blue line?
A: It's a sound like "clunk."

In order to prevent overfilling and gasoline spraying everywhere when a car's tank gets full there's a mechanism that stops the flow and it makes a sort of clunk/chunk sound.

In most places in the US we have to fill our own cars.

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