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Q: What does what does ethnic cleansing mean ? mean?
A: It's a very difficult word. For example in Romania, not only ethnic Romanians live there, but also the gypsy (Romani) people. If you would kill all the romani people in Romania so that only Romanian people remain, that is called ethnic cleansing

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Q: What is the difference between cleansing and cleaning ?
A: Cleansing is to remove germs while cleaning is an umbrella term for many forms of tidying

To cleanse something you generally have to use chemicals to get rid of bacteria

Cleaning could be, sweeping, dusting or washing items etc

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? It's a cleansing water.
It's cleansing water.

Which one is right?
A: It's cleansing water
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? cleansing oil
A: Cleansing Oil

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Q: A cleansing balm filled with grapefruit extracts removes make up and wastes by melting like sherbet when it reaches the skin. This cleanser provides a fresh finish. does this sound natural?
A: A cleansing balm filled with grapefruit extract removes make up and waste by melting like sherbet when it comes in contact with the skin. This cleanser produces a fresh finish.

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