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Q: What does ‎yet
e.g.the clearest vision yet of what we felt like to live through that day.:)
A: Yet = so far (今まで)
Q: What does yet
e.g.the clearest vision yet of what we felt like to live through that day.:)
A: yet - so far, at this time

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Q: The clearest feature science has may be trying to control nature practically. does this sound natural?
A: I'd say: The clearest feature of science may be the effort to control nature practically.
Q: Could you please explain in the clearest way why we can omit "that" in the sentence "All (that) we need is love". I need a rule.
A: The rule in general is that "that" can be omitted, in certain use cases only, when the phrase or noun being referred to is not too far away in the sentence from the "that".
Q: It is the clearest lake in the Earth does this sound natural?
A: Work on your "-th" sound in "Earth" 😊
Q: The clearest lake in Japan is the Mashuh Lake in Hokkaido. Its clarity level of 28 meters is second only to the Baikal Lake in Russia. One main reason is that there is no river running into the lake. Therefore, the water contains very little organic nutrients and very few organisms live there. Another reason is that, since it is a caldera lake, the lake water once sinks under the lake bottom, and then, many years later, it comes back after being distilled through the layers of underground earth. does this sound natural?
A: Change "once" to "first" and it's perfect!

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