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Q: What does getting under Clinton's skin mean?
A: "to get under (someone's) skin" = to earnestly annoy (someone); to become a serious nuisance (to someone); to become a problem (for someone)

So, Sanders is becoming a serious threat to Clinton.

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Q: What is the difference between The Mr. Clinton called you while you were out. Do you know him? and A Mr. Clinton called you while you were out. Do you know him? ?
A: The second one is fine. The "A" at the beginning implies you have no idea who the caller was, but the person you're talking to might.

Saying "The" would actually be kind of hilarious. It would be like a joke. I might sarcastically say "Hey, um, The William called you while you were out." This would mean you both know William and you both don't like him, haha. Hope that helps!

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Clinton
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: When I said "I thought Clinton won the election." , a teacher corrected like "would win." (I think he said so.)
Why do I need to use "would" ?
I'm so confused.
Would anyone help me with this, please? 😭
A: "would win" refers to what you expected to happen in the future. "won" refers to what you think happened already in the past.
Q: Clinton ripped 50% of Trump supporters during a LGBT fundraiser in lower Manhattan Friday evening, grouping them into a "basket of deplorables."

In this sentence, "rip" means criticising someone?
And do you usually say it as blame?
A: No, I can't think of a situation where we would use it to mean "blame" as well. Your first statement was correct, it means to criticize, and more specifically means HARSH criticism
Q: Why are you for Clinton? Does this sound natural?
A: Other ways to say that,
Why are you voting for Clinton?
Why do you support Clinton?
Q: If Mrs. Clinton wins the elections, what will we call Mr. Clinton? The first man? The first gentleman? Or, as I prefer, the first guy. Does this sound natural?
A: ​​If Mrs. Clinton wins the election, what will we call Mr. Clinton?

The answer is Mr. President, which is the proper title for all former Presidents

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