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Q: What does cockney mean?
A: It means a person (a Cockney) from the East End of London. It also means the accent (cockney accent) from that part of London. Cockney rhyming slang is also used in the East End of London. It is particular to that area. e.g. I'm on the dog and bone = I'm on the phone
Q: What does cockney mean?
A: Cockney is a person from London, cockney slang is the special words from London example: apples and pears=stairs.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? How to improve my cockney accent?
A: How do I improve my Cockney accent?

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Q: If cockneys drop the "h" and don't pronounce it, do they still use "a" instead of "an" in words like: a hat, a house. Because it would sound like: a at, a ouse. Thanks.
A: Na they keep it the same, so it'd be like: an ouse (house), an at (hat), an ose (hose pipe). They also pronounce the F word (I won't say it just in case) differently. They swap the U for an A. In addition, you also have rhyming cockney slang, like "Apples and pears" (stairs), brown bread (dead), half inch something (to pinch/steal something) - pronounced "alf" rather than half. Can't remember any others. They also use the word "ain't" a lot. So "I'm not doing that" could be "I ain't doing that". Good luck, British and Irish slang is awesome
Q: How can I get cockney or posh accent? I'm interested on that.
A: Cockney is very London based so watch shows or films that are based around that area Posh accent is how English is meant to be pronounced and is used more by upper class people
Q: would you recommend to learn the cockney accent ?? I mean is it used these days? which accent will make me sound native Londoner?
A: I do not recommend you learn the cockney accent. Most Londoners do not speak with a cockney accent. Also I personally think you can only sound like a native after living in a place for a significant amount of time. Keep your accent! Like Georgieboi said as long as you can be understood that's all that matters. :)
Q: What is the cockney accent?
A: The way in which someone from east London speaks/talks
Q: How to sound like a cockney?
A: Search for 'only fools and horses' on YouTube.

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