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    2. collocation in literary analysis is when words are usually seen together such as big elephant

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    2. Wow! That’s a long list ... let me see if I can make heads or tails out of it lol 1. I would say for your example... I would use entering... “entering into” can be used also .. but we don’t really speak like that on the daily... it would be more like “I’m quitting my business and starting a new business next month” -I’m ENTERING INTO the mall now. -I’m ENTERING the mall now. 2. SUCH is a determiner, predeterminer, & pronoun. -I’ve had SUCH a hard day at work. -The restaurant had SUCH delicious food. -The show had SUCH amazing music SO+ adjective (so difficult), so + adverb (so slowly) ... -The day is passing SO slowly! -My math exam is SO difficult. 3. JOIN means to put together or connect. I’ll try some sentences to explain how I would use it. - Let’s go join the gym. - He would not join in the game. 4. The way I would use it... - My friend canceled on me! Which means my friend canceled whatever meeting we had scheduled ... you need the “ON” before the “someone” ... so it can explain who it’s affecting. Hope that helps 👍

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