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    2. To jest bardzo dobrze! I've added some corrections here: "Today, in the morning I was walking the dog. His name is Dog. That's a really funny name, isn't it? When we were in the colse (nearby?) park suddenly Dog attacked a woman who was jogging. Dog didn't wear a muzzle. It was a really strange situation for me because my host parents told me that Dog had never beaten or attacked anyone until this day. Alex explained to me that he didn't want to bite the woman, maybe he wanted to play with her. But I and essentially the woman were scared. Now I am afraid of taking the lead off when I go outside with Dog... Finally, I've started reading the amazing book, called 'The Girl Who Played With Fire'. I have already read the first part of the Millennium, English version in Poland. I wanted to buy the rest of the Millennium or borrow them from the library, but fortunately I found this part in my house on the bookshelf. On Friday, me and my friend from Spain, Rebecca, were in Oxford at the colour festival. It was an incredible day. First of all, we met other Spanish people and joined them, then we were sitting in front of the shopping centre drinking gin with tonic. It was unbelievable that the police didn't come. Of course, we were not alone, there were many young, joyful and colourful people. Afterwards we entered the festival, and we were dancing to dubstep music. We met many many positive people full of energy, and among them I met Polish people as well. In the end we were very tired, our legs hurt but happy :) We came back home by train. The trip from Oxford to our small village takes 1 hour, and then I politely went to the bed and slept like a dog."

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    2. Instead you could say: “You have to have already formed a close relationship with them” this sounds more natural

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