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    2. We make organic compost to use in our garden so our vegetables are even more healthy.

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    2. Manure is animal waste (poop) while compost is typically food scrap and leaves.

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    2. Both are used to help grow plants. Compost is a mix of soil/dirt and old food/fruit/vegetable that breaks down into soil. Fertilizer usually refers to chemicals made in a lab/factory, or to cow manure.

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    2. One of the most serious problems* to be solved all over the world/worldwide (‘worldwide’ is better) is the/our* garbage problem. Obviously, the more garbage, which we don’t dispose of properly, increases, the more the environment is seriously damaged. ..and the problem of final disposal sites* aren’t solved. We already know that the speed of degradation greatly varies* depending on the surrounding environment, including temperature and humidity.* (This sentence is too long, so you need to split it ~) It is possible to resolve and compost biodegradable plastic for only about one month if *conditions are proper*. 確かにそうですね。私も同じ考えです‼︎

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    2. 1st- I love ecology and sustainability, so I participating in a project for my school. We work with worms in order to create compost for the planet. 2nd- the compost benefits the planet with its natural fertilizer without chemicals. This makes it more natural than the others grown with chemicals but what makes it important? 3rd- This question is easy. If we create a plant without using chemicals, our lives are going to last much longer and it will also help the environment. 4th- So what is my project? Creating a new program here in Chile and possibly in the USA using worms, teaching everyone the uses and benefits of the worms and compost while going back in to the time where our grandparents didn’t throw away all their trash. When separating the oragnics from the trash and with it, the usable compost for our planet. They had a lot of fruit trees and beautiful flowers and to get that back we will use worms. It will make a positive change on the ecosystem and will generate an ideal relationship between organisms. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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