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    2. The merging of two or more sets of information. 용합 is the closest translation I can find.

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    2. Yes, it's a bit awkward, and you'll definitely want a comma after "that make it". Shortened: "The habit, blah blah blah, is not quite a myth, but a conflation.... "quite a myth" is quite(lol) different from "not quite a myth". "quite a ___" = "なんて(すごい)___” "That's quite a watch you've got there!" - 凄い腕時計ですね! "not quite ___" は「~に近いけど~じゃない」 例: A: That's a lie! B: Well, it's not quite a lie really. I just didn't tell you the whole truth. 例: A: We're not quite there yet, but should arrive in about 5 minutes. "conflate" is just to equate or bring together two things--often when they are not really equal. "Be careful to not conflate rumor with truth." So, in the example, it's conflating "54 countries" with "the continent of Africa". The author implies that it's wrong to confuse the two, but rather, they should be considered separately.

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