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    2. absence 1. The absence of his parents’ love caused him to commit suicide. 2. There were no absences in today’s lecture. 3. The storm resulted in ten students’ absence in the class. awareness 1. The government can improve people’s awareness of natural disasters. 2. He has a lack of awareness towards financial problems. 3. People should have crisis awareness. scarce 1. The food is scarce and this situation led to a person's death. 2. Scarce materials are always expensive. 3. We have scarce people so we don’t have enough labor. conserve 1. We should conserve energy, in ways such as turning off the lights when we leave the house. 2. We should conserve our food so we won't waste them by throwing out leftovers. 3. We should conserve water instead of wasting it. as such 1. The food is scarce, as such we conserve it. 2. He is a scientist, as such people respect him. 3. A car accident happened, as such he lost his leg.

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