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Q: What does What is this construction 'had i had' mean and why not use 'if i had'? is it gramtically correct?
A: had i had... = if I had had/if I would've had (dialectal)

Had I had a father, I would have some discipline (formal, chiefly used for effect)
= If I had had a father, I'd have some discipline (natural)
= If I would've had/If I'd have had a father, I'd have some discipline (dialectal and/or substandard, can be used for effect)
Q: What does "Please understand that the construction work might create some noise or other disturbance that you may find inconvenient." mean?
A: The first one sounds kind of natural, but you might want to say “you might find some other noises or disturbances inconvenient “
Q: What does construction trades mean?
A: Comercios de la construcción
Q: What does under construction mean?
A: Being made.
Q: What does Doing construction, you work a lot of overtime. mean?
A: Overtime is when you work beyond your typical weekly hours at a job. You typically get paid extra for this. What it is saying is that when you have a construction job, you usually end up working much more than you were told you would work.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Can you give me several (3-5) different constructions (examples) with these words (adjectives):
- alert
- average
- bloody
- drab
- distinct
- dull
- filthy
- gleaming
- grotesque
- homely
- poised
- quaint.
A: Alert:
After the incident, the Police has been alert at all times.

An alert mind will never betray you during exams.

The dog is more alert after eating a bar of chocolate.

Heidi is the most alert among the seven soldiers in her troop.
Q: Please show me example sentences with construction.
A: 1. We have to stay away from the construction site, it’s dangerous.
2. Tom works in the construction business.
3. At school we used construction paper to make origami.
4. The new road is under construction.
Q: Please show me example sentences with grammatical construction "in order to". What does it mean? What kidn of sentence I can use the construction?.
A: In order to be an author, you must write something.

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Q: What is the difference between construction and structure and constructional ?

construction: it is a noun that means the process of building something.

structure: it is a noun that means something that is built, mostly something built in parts to stand on its own.

constructional: adjective form of construction.

Tomorrow they will begin the construction of the tallest structure in our city.

The constructional features of that structure are very well made.

Q: What is the difference between construction and building and architecture ?
A: Construction is the process of creating something: “I watched him construct a tower made of cards.”

“Building” can mean a couple things.
1. You can use it the same way as “construction”, like this: “I watched him build a tower made out of cards.”
2. It also can be a noun. For example: Houses, towers and churches are all buildings. “I walked to the big building.”

Architecture also has a couple different meanings.
1. The art of designing and constructing buildings. So you would call someone an Architect if they design buildings for their job. “He is an architect” “He goes to an Architecture school”
2. Architecture also describes the design/style of a building. “That Restaurant has European style architecture.”
“The architecture of that building reminds me of Rome”

I hope this helps! :D
Q: What is the difference between The construction workers and The workers of/from the construction ?
A: Both are correct, however, native speakers would say, "The construction workers."
Q: What is the difference between construction time and construction period ?
A: Hmm, I would think they mean the same. The only way they might be different is if period is used in a way of meaning it needs to be done in that period of time, while construction time means it needs to be done during that time or on a "time line".
Q: What is the difference between construction and structure ?
A: Construction is an adjective describing a job, or simply a noun indicating a job building homes, towers, buildings, etc.

He is a construction worker, so he builds houses.
He builds towers, so he is a construction worker.

Structure is a noun which means a building.

Look at that tall structure!
The construction worker is building a tall structure in the city.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? The construction will be finished.
The construction will come to an end.
Which is more common?
(I am not premium.)
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? église en construction
A: Église means 'Church' in English. So you could say Church under construction
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? construction
A: Depende el contexto: "I work in construction", "Construction is an important industry". "Building" sonaría extraño en estos contextos. "Can you help me with the building/construction of my house?" ambos suenan bien. En esta frase 'construction' suena un poco formal.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? tell me please will it correct if I use construction " if I will.. then I would"?
A: If you are talking about the future, then you don't use "will". "If I win the lottery tomorrow, I would go shopping", or, using the subjunctive "If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, I would go shopping".

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Q: The construction has started near my home since early in the morning and the noise has bothered me.
does this sound natural?
A: This is a little unnatural, but not bad!

"The noise from the early construction near my home bothers me." would be how I'd say it or break it down into two sentences.

"The construction has started near my home. The noise has bothered me since early this morning.
Q: I don't understand this grammatical construction.
"Scattered on the hillsides were red-and-white toadstool houses."

The word "scattered" is an adjective or the past simple or participle of "scatter(verb)", not a noun, right?
I think "scattered" is always put after a be-verb, after or before a noun(subject).
For example,
Toys and books were scattered about/around the room.
My family is scattered all over the world.
There will be some scattered showers in the afternoon.
They scattered his ashes at sea.

Could it be an inverted sentence?
Is the normal sentence "Red-and-white toadstool houses were scattered on the hillsides"?
A: そうだよね。

Scattered is the verb, as you say.
Q: I may have been using the wrong construction all this time and am quite ashamed to ask but... What is the difference between:
1. Can't help doing something
2. Can't help but do something
What does the second one mean. Is it even correct.

I should've known this already, I'm not going to pass as advanced at this rate >.>
A: They are both correct.
Q: The construction company is building our new headquarters.

The headquarters is clearly singular, but the word headquarters has "s". Do you know why it has "s" in spite of its singular?
A: I'm not sure but, I think is because the headquarters is made of a lot of sections, it is not a single room or place.
Q: Would you teach me the construction of the sentence below ?

I found it in a novel.

It goes like this : Their profiles were sometimes lit other colors by the neon we passed.

Is it OK that there's no preposition right before the words 'other colors' ?

Or, is it normal that there's no preposition there ?
A: 1: The sentence is right but you may want to elaborate on what is neon, a sign, building, etc.
2: I would consider it a adjective because it was describing how his face was lit.
And yes the expression you gave is correct although it would almost never be used outside of literature.
Feel free to ask anymore questions!

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