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    2. We can build a world without inequality and justice.

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    2. A lot has been done to build this country.

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    2. Tactic and Strategy My tactic is looking at you Learn how you are My tactic is talking to you and listening to you build an indestructible bridge with my words My tactic is staying in your memory I don't know how under what pretext but being with you My tactic is being sincere and knowing that you're sincere, too and we don't sell ourselves simulations to not have curtain or chasms My strategy, on the other hand, is deeper and simpler My strategy is that any day I don't know how or under what pretext you need me, at last No es que este mal traducido sino que traduces literalmente del español al ingles y asi no funciona

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    2. Truth is... I do not want my name to be bound To the men and days that saw me in defeat Simply and with sufficient loosenes I will lose my fears; every and all of that which is different. Slowly. That which I have to say is delicate and truthfully, it hurts me more than who I will accuse Straighten Yourself And pay attention to what I am Because I sing with my friend's voices This things are simply To all of those who feel it And it is my voice which says them. Still, the conscience belongs to everyone. Truths simply turn into one and brave is the one who says them. (Nás valiente en estas horas)(I don't understand what you mean by this, más?) If I could explain all of that which bothers me And together build a new history Words are missing, and feelings remain Come Now the great embrace For those which I cherish Let's end this It seems that everyone understood And I don't want to stop your thoughts with more time Without fears Let's each say what bothers us Let us jump to the loving hands of our companions All of this things are simply to all of those who feel them And is my voice who says them Still, the concience is for all Truths simply turn into one And brave the one who says them Braver in this hours. This is the best I could do since there are many sentences that make little sense in both spanish and english. 😅 sorry.

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