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Q: What does Time- consuming mean?
A: It means that something takes a lot of time.
Making bread is very time-consuming.
It's very time-consuming to do homework.
Q: What does consuming fire mean?
A: 안녕하세요! 🙂
Consuming means to eat, drink something
Fire ➡️🔥
You typically use both consuming and fire when the sentence is in the present or when your telling someone what you saw.
Example: “The fire is consuming the the house” or if you are telling someone what you saw, you say “the fire was consuming the house”
I hope this helps!

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Q: after having been consuming my cell phone for 3 years it's still looking new as the first time I bought it does this sound natural?
A: After using my cell phone for 3 years, it still looks as new as the first time I bought it.
Q: sober related to not consuming alcohol? or does it related to anything else ?
A: Sober can mean the opposite of drunk. It can also mean serious.

Eg. "a sobering thought" means a very serious thought/idea.
"Her sober expression" can mean "a very stoic/serious expression".

And it can also mean someone who is not under the influence of alcohol.
Eg. "I was the only sober person at the party" means "I was the only person at the party who didn't drink alcohol/wasn't drunk".

Hope this helps! ^_^
Q: Japanese consuming market is very matured, so many retailers have been competing to be the first to offer something new to the customer. As a result, people are drenched in too many new things and technologies. does this sound natural?
A: Since ‘Japanese consuming market’ is a noun, I would say The Japanese Consuming Market
Q: it feels better ....
a. after consuming some yogurt
b. after i had had some exercise
A: A is correct, but you could also write it like:
"It feels better after eating some yoghurt."

B should be like:
"It feels better after I exercised."
"It feels better after I had some exercise."
Q: You consuming personal development content. And psychology content. What's " consuming " here??
A: You're taking in information

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