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Q: What does A deadly contagion has done what a chorus of pleas from owners could not: forced the company that controls the 7-Eleven chain, Seven & I Holdings, to exempt some of its locations from policies it has spent years fiercely defending.
A: In this sentence it means ‘it’s other stores’.

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Q: What is the difference between contagion and infection ?
A: Contagion is something that can be passed on to others

Infection is when the body becomes damaged (it’s the body’s response to things that come from outside the body)

If something is “infectious” it means that it can be passed on (usually very fast or easily. Not always related to diseases)

“An infectious disease” a disease that spreads fast (like what you might see in zombie movies. It is passed on very easy so it spreads everywhere very fast)
“Infectious laughter” laughing that makes other people want to laugh

When I think of something that is infectious vs contagious, I think “infectious” sounds more serious and that it would hurt me as opposed to “contagious” sounds slower (still can be serious but it sounds like you won’t get the disease as easy)
Q: What is the difference between contagion and infection ?
A: They both have the same meaning.

But we use "infection" mostly to describe a few people being infected.

"I have an infection."
"There is an infection at school."

Contagion is used more to describe a very widespread infection.

The adjective "contagious" is more common to describe an infection.

"I have an infection."
"Is it contagious?" - will I catch it?

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? contagion
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Q: Please show me how to pronounce contagion .
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