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    2. if you think about something really hard for a while, you're contemplating it. it's often used when you have two options and have to choose one

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    2. Contemplation means the act of thinking deeply about something / the act of looking carefully at something. -He goes to the forest to spend time in contemplation of nature. -She was lost in quiet contemplation of the scene.

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    2. Pondering and ruminating all mean thinking about something, like a problem or a question. Rumination is the act of thinking about something. If you ruminate, you will be in rumination. Contemplation and meditation are also acts of thinking, but these are more abstract. Meditation is what monks do when they think about the world, their faith, etc. Sometimes you meditate to clear your mind of thought altogether. Contemplation and musing is more like thinking about something in an abstract way. You can muse about or contemplate the beauty of something, for example. You can also contemplate doing something. They are all really similar though, and so much depends on context!

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    2. I am not a grammar expert, but this is my perspective as a native speaker. I feel like ‘immediately after’ is a better definition. When I hear ‘upon’ or ‘on’, I interpret it as referring to a period of time that spans from the exact moment of the event to immediately after the event. That’s why you see both definitions used. In all of your examples, you can replace ‘upon’ or ‘on’ with ‘after’ and it would still make sense. It’s just that the words in question have more of a nuance of immediacy.

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