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    2. It is a stronger word for disagreement. A disagreement/argument where both sides really want to win. (激論) It can also mean an assertion made to win an argument (議論を勝つための主張)

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    2. The "main contention" of a story is the primary (main or most powerful) problem or struggle of the story. In a real life context, it means the "main problem(issue)." This is seen frequently as the "main point of contention," too.

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    2. you want examples but I don't want to give you any. Therefore we are in contention. if you don't agree it will remain a point of contention.

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    2. They were not seeing eye to eye.

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    2. It means 'a reason for disagreement'. When they bought their first car together, the choice of colour was a bone of contention. (They found it hard to agree on a colour.) The Irish Border is a bone of contention in Brexit negotiations.

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    2. Point of contention - The item that people are arguing over. Example: The point of contention for senate debate was the raising of minimum wage. The point of contention in the Smith divorce was who was going to get the cat. Sticking point: an item in negotiations or talks that have caused a problem or impasse which may cause further negotiations or talks to stop moving forward Example: The sticking point in resolving the Smith divorce was both husband and wife felt they each were the best owner for the cat. The sticking point for the minimum wage debate was that some states could afford the increase while others could not.

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    2. More natural (just a few tiny things): 1. There is no doubt that doing such things/activities would make people feel a pang of guilt. 2. I have seen many army movies these days, so I've seen many brutal scenes. (This is kind of a tough one because it sounds a little repetitive. It's ok, though.) 3. The company he created ten years ago has gradually evolved into a multinational business. (It helps to be in the active form) 4. My argument/point of view is that human rights are more important than local law. ("Contention" is a little strange – it's like a many-way fight between several people. "Argument" is a word that means your addition to some kind of controversy, if that makes sense.) Hope it helps! Good luck!

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    2. Yes, this is grammatically correct. Your second sentence is correct as well, but has the opposite meaning. "Mr. Mueller has also asked the president to interview him" means that Mueller wants to be interviewed BY Trump.

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