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    2. Hi, can someone help me correct my mistakes? I'll never forget the first time I travelled alone. When I turned 18, I wanted to prove to myself that I am an adult now and I can take care of myself. I decided to try to climb one of the highest mountains which was near my city. My trip was going to be about 3 days long. The first one being pretty easy, I was full of energy and the trail was easy. Wind was blowing at my face giving me chills. When I was at half of my route to the mountain I decided to pitch a tent and tried to cook something. It was quite problematical but I got along. The next morning I was continuing my travel. Unfortunately the weather was getting worse and the wind had started to get colder and the sun hid behind the clouds and even the birds had stopped singing. At last, I finally got to the peak of the mountain and I set up camp again. Suddenly, during the night, strong winds had hit my tent and made it fly in the air. Trying to catch it was too dangerous so I decided that I have to come back to my home now. My parents was really surprised when they saw me trying to got to our house at 3am without my bag and wearing some pajamas.

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