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    2. Bad Translations You can see some bad translations anywhere. It sometimes has* adverse effects on other people. For example, nowadays, one althlete took an* interview, but the contents of it was translated differently by one media group*. The media made an* article based on the translation of the interview, and the contents of it caused controvercy. Later, the media apologised for posting* the article, which depended on untrue (you could use false instead of untrue) information. This is an example of bad translations having the possilbility of harming others. Plus, bad translations also sometimes makes someone get lost. (Or, "Plus, bad translations sometimes mislead people.") One recent survey shows that there are some signs in stations which do not translate adequately. I heard news that one foreign couple could not have moved to a different train, because the routes that the sign showed was different form other signs, so it took far more time to change trains. In addition, I have a experience of having been asked by foreign tourists which routes should they take. They also said that there are some mistranslations in Japan, and they feel awkward when they hear unnatural English. For instance, he heard “How do you think?” and he felt offended. Generally, it is rude to use that phrase, and you may have some trouble communicating with foreign people without knowing such manners. Considering things mentioned above, you have to be imprudent before translating or using phrases.

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