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Q: What does coop mean?
A: I copy pasted the exact sentence: might have to ask my mom to coop some for me

Yeah it's "coop" but it's a text msg so it could be a typo
Q: What does coop mean?
A: @revinneil

A coop is a small cage (usually with metal wires) to keep chickens in.

To coop can also be a verb and is generally used with the word “up.” It is the action of placing something in a coop. Most often it’s used as an adjective, cooped up.


I need to buy another coop for the little chicks.

This coop is too small for all the creatures we have.

I’ve been in the house all day since it’s been raining. I feel very cooped up.

I don’t like being cooped up. I like to go outside and breathe the fresh air.
Q: What does flew the coop mean?
A: Left home.
Q: What does coop up mean?
A: "Coop up" means stay somewhere for a while.
Examples: "I was cooped up in my house all summer." (I stayed in my house all summer)
"She's such a bookworm. She was cooped up in the library all day." (She stayed in the library all day)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with coop up.
A: Cooped up is a metaphor that compares someone being trapped to a chicken in a coop.

When it's -40°C outside we stay cooped up in the house.

I'm so happy spring is here! It feels nice to get outside after being cooped up in the house all winter

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Q: What is the difference between coop and coup , cop ?
A: A coop is a cage for chickens.
The chickens stay in their coop at night.
A coup is a revolution the overthrows a government.
The students who attempted the coup were all arrested.
A cop is a policeman.
The cop laughed at me as he closed the cell door.
Q: What is the difference between coop and coop up ?
A: coop refers to a cage where you keep chickens and cooped up means to be in a small space for a long time

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Q: 1. Where would you like to coop up to stay cool in summer?
2. Where would you like to be cooped up to stay cool in summer?
3. I'd like to be cooped up at home turing on the AC.
4. I'd like to coop up at home turning on the AC. does this sound natural?
A: @coreynjami Thanks to point out #2. That means other 3s are all natural?
Q: What is a "family/children's coop"?
context: "We joined to local family/children's coop right after moving here."
A: A "coop" (or more accurately co-op) is an abbreviation of "cooperative/co-operative".It's kind of like a social project, sometimes a farm, where everyone shares the work and the benefit.

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