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    2. Both of these words are only used in British English, so I can’t tell you the different nuances. But according to the dictionary, both words have basically the same meaning of “a small thicket of trees/a small patch of woods.”

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    2. I knew that my mother wasn't happy with my attitude and behaviour. One time, my bad behaviour made her so mad. I was 4 or 5. I ran into my room where I barricaded the door by stacking heavy books Infront of it. As soon as she opened the door with ease, she grabbed my hair and pulled me towards the front door. All the shoes were messily strewn across the floor and my mother dragged me outside barefoot. She calmly said that I was going to be put in an institution that day. The grass tickled the soles of my feet. A flock of birds and trees looking at me from afar. Somewhere far off, a dog was barking. I always wanted a dog, a big, white dog. My mother threw me in the car but I jumped out the other side side and ran. Neighbours came out to see what was happening. I wish I was the neighbour's kid. I just wanted to be alone. I wished I had a cocoon that I can stay inside forever. If nobody can break my shell, I will be safe.

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