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    2. Who are you is asking a question about the person, example who are you could mean you don't know who they are like if it's dark, who are you could also be used when you are judging someone, who are you meaning you don't recognize them acting that way. Who you are also works but it's not a question, an example sentence would be "You're an amazing person, and that's just who you are."

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    2. You're very close! Corrected: "In the picture I can see a young boy. He is wearing a pink tracksuit with white stripes. He has short brown hair. He is holding money. He is smiling. He is going shopping. He is probably in the grocery store. In the background I can see water and juice. In the foreground I see the man from the banknote. I really like the picture." Only a few small problems, English speakers would understand what you were saying. :)

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