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    2. deforestation is corruptive to our environment.@eiji7220:

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    2. "The problem is that there might be an immunity provided for the seven most powerful members of the cabinet" "Might be" is more formal than "maybe". "There may be an immunity" is also acceptable. "(the Central Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, which comprises the chairman, prime minister, general discipline inspector, et al.)" "Participated by" is either quite rare or ungrammatical. I can't remember if I've heard it before or not. "Which comprises" is definitely correct, though. This is not common knowledge, but "et alia" (abbreviated as "et al.") should be used for people and "et cetera" should only be used for things. "and whenever media coverage might undermine their authority, it is censored and stopped immediately. While they are still in office, their decisions and policies cannot be contradicted, as they represent the might and wisdom of the central government and the Communist Party." "After they resign, however, they can be prosecuted for being corrupt or abusive of their power." Your English is so good, I am going to correct this native speaker level mistake. "corruptive" is an adjective but "misusing" is a gerund. When you connect two phrases with "and" or "or," it sounds better if they are the same part of speech. This is called parallelism.

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